welcome to parkersvillemeeting

Our Events

The meeting is opened annually on the second First Day of Ninth Month (The second Sunday of  September) for a gathering of Friends, neighbors, and descendants of former members. All interested parties are invited to participate.

The meeting house is also opened as needed for weddings, burials and special events. Should you wish to request the use of the property for such an event, phone Mary Sproat, trustee, (610) 444-3667 (home).

In 2004, a small group of Friends led by Dale and Susan Frens began holding weekly meetings for worship at Parkersville Meeting, starting at 9:30 each Sunday. They cordially invite anyone living within the area, or just visiting, to join them. In winter, a wood stove provides heat, while in the summer, windows provide natural cooling. A privy is available if needed.

Consideration is being given at present to having the meeting reactivated as a Preparatory Meeting.